Why Image matters

People often make assumptions based on limited information. first impressions only takes 30seconds. make those seconds last a lifetime!


Colour Analysis:

I do Comparative draping, with different shades of fabrics. I determine if the client has a cool or warm undertone. After I have determine the undertone I devide them into the following seasons:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Spring
  • Winter Dusk
  • Autumn Vivid

Benefits of wearing the right colours:

  • Skin harmonizes and helps to diminish lines and imperfections to give a pleasent healthy glow.
  • Saves money - no more costly "mistakes" when buying clothes.
  • A fully coordinated wardrobe.
  • Save on accessorizing
  • Save on cosmetics
  • Positive self-image, when you look good you feel confident

Personality dress:

Every person is unique, that is why I take the persons personality into consideration when I am doing image consulting. I what to present yourself and your individuality with confidence and gusto!

Face shapes, hair colour and styling:

I determine what face shape the client has, and with the Colour Analysis we choose the right hair colour and style, to compliment the face.

Body line and syle:

I measure the clients body and determine the body shape

After I have determined the body shape, I show the client the different tipes of clothing they can wear. I also show them how to camoflage the body parts they want to hide with different types of clothing.


Undergarments is the "bases" of making the clothes you wear look good. I help the clients to choose the right undergarments for their body measurements.


Personal shopping:

What is a personal shopper?

A personal Shopper is someone hired to shop for other people.

When I meet with clients, I do colour coding and take the clients body measurements. I ask the clients what their lifestyle is and what types of clothing we must buy to suit their needs. Clients are welcome to come with, so that they can see how and what they must buy to fit their body shape. I also provide the service of buying gifts, corporate gifts and home decor.

Wardrobe Planning:

Ever looked in your closet and said: "I have nothing to wear!". I am here to help and this is how I do it.

I devide your wardrobe into 5-12 pieces that work in combination with each other. The lines and styles should be similar and the fabrics complimentary. I do colour coding if the client wishes to know if the clothes in their wardrobe is right for them.

I devide the clothes into three separate boxes:

  1. Wearable
  2. Repairables
  3. Discards

I then analyse the clothes as follows:

  • Year round fabrics
  • Year round colours
  • Casual
  • Evening

Your wardrobe will be in tip top shape in no time!