Ettiquette is important to have. People see you as professional and well  mannered when you know your etiquette.

I provide the following skills to show you proper etiquette:

Social/Home Etiquette:

I teach you rules for being a good guest at people's houses and being a good host for a party.

I teach children how to have proper table etiquette for their age and establish house rules.

Table Etiquette:

I teach clients how to sit and eat properly at a formal table setting. What fork to use for a course. What glass is for what. Everything you want to know, I will teach.

Travel Etiquette:

If you want to travel, I will teach you the etiquette of the country you are going to visit. Culture etiquette is vital!

Personal Development

Body Language:

I teach clients how to stand and sit when talking to people.

When people meet with you this is what they take in: 7% Words, 38% Voice Modulation, 55% Body Language. it is important to know what body language you must use for what occasion.

Voice Control:

Knowing how to control your voice around people is very important. if you want to keep people interested you must know how to control your voice. I will learn you the skills to master it.

Self Confidence:

Self Confidence is the key to success! I will learn you to have self confidence, to love the body you are in. I make you stronger, physicaly and emotionally.