Image 360 wants to create a image that will represent the company and make them stand out from the rest. A Corporate image is vital to a company. I also want to help improve client service by training potential employees to handle clients in a more appropriate manner.

Image 360 provides the following for the corporate world:

Corporate culture:

It is important to know the culture in your company and respect the people in your workplace.

Corporate image:

I help create a image that will represent what tipe of service the company provides. If employees of a company look the part, the company will most likely succeed in what they do. I help companies to dress their employees in a professional manner, I groom and teach them the basics of personal hygiene. When people look good, it boosts their self confidence and the way they work. When a company looks professional, clients feel more confident that the company will get the job done.


Telephone Etiquette:

A great deal of business today is conducted over the phone, so good telephone etiquette is vital. How you answer a telephone call is vital in oder to secure a positive outcome. I teach companies different skills on how to behave in difficult situations when dealing with clients.

Presentation Skills:

I show companies how to create a professional presentation, that will help them seal the deal when working with clients.

Body language:

It is important to show how to present yourself non-verbally and know what your body language says when meeting with clients.


Image 360 is here to help companies grow to their full potencial!