Welcome to the wonderfull world of Image Consulting,Professional make-up and Etiquette

 Image 360 is passionate about changing people's lives by reflecting what is inside, outwards and help them to reach for their goals.


Image 360 mission:


To built self confidence, by changing the outward appearance of the person and teach them confidence and body language to impower them to reach their full potencial.


To create a image that will represent the company. grooming of workers and teaching of etiquette, behaviour and communication to improve client service.


Research shows that many capable men and woman are disqualified from job opportunities, because they simply do not look the part.

Image consulting:

  • Make-overs
  • Wardrobe planning
  • Personal shopping
  • Fashion styling


  • Image 360 caters for every occasion


  • Table etiquette
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Behaviour
  • Communication
  • Corporate Culture

Personal development:

  • Self confidence
  • Body language
  • Voice managment


Qualifications I have obtained: 

  • Image Consultant certificate
  • Fashion Stylist certificate
  • Wedding and Etiquette consultant certificate
  • Certificate of Merit for Bio sculpture Gel
  • Professional Make-up Design certificate
  • Hair Design and Styling certificate
  • Basic Special Effects certificate

How you see yourself is what matters the most!